The Pill Club

By Theresa Arocena

Posted on Friday, March 16, 2018 at 1:44 AM PDT

The Pill Club is both an online provider and a delivery pharmacy for birth control. They can take prescriptions from a current provider, but if there is not a current prescription already or if an individual doesn’t have insurance, TPC can write a prescription. They have licensed medical providers who are able to write year long prescriptions for those in California, Pennsylvania and Washington for $15. Other than that, the cost should be completely free if insurance covers it since shipping is free. Do note, that depending on the insurance there may be a copay which would add a cost.

If the insurance happens to be under parental control, the way to keep your birth control confidential while using the insurance, would be to contact the insurance company and submit a confidential communications request and then confirm if the information is protected.

If previous birth control was received from services such as Planned Parenthood  dispensing clinic, a personal request must be sent to the Planned Parenthood clinic to send a new prescription to The Pill Club either by fax, phone or e-prescribe. Another option would also be going through Dominican’s Health Services and getting a prescription from them. The Pill Club generally tries to send a 3 month supply, but some insurance plans will only allow for 1 month refills.

Currently, The Pill Club offers the pill, the patch and the ring. In addition, TPC offers emergency contraception (though they do not have overnight shipping for it). The cost is $15 if it is not completely covered by the individual’s insurance. It may not be the best choice for anything immediate, but it is good to have just in case. Another perk of The Pill Club is that their packages include free samples! They send anything from chocolate to tampons to condoms and lube. On top of that, the package itself is discrete. Birth control and the freebies are delivered in a small turquoise package that simply has TPC on it along with your name. Switching where it delivers is an easy process for those who may be home for when the refill needs to come in or if it is a break - just text the TPC number given during the sign up process.

Reviews on their website praise TPC for their availability via text message. Katelyn K. states, “I have been texting, yes TEXTING with The Pill Club this week. They have responded quickly and courteously to all of my questions specifically for my needs, not stock automated answers.” Many of the women even post their praises on social media with the hashtag #thepillclub.

One can go on The Pill Club’s website or call +1 (772) 217-4557, text 44872 or email They also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram as @thepillclub.

Photo Credit via Pixabay