Pennsylvania School Districts Arm Teachers with Small Baseball Bats

By Kevin Del Rosario

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 5:01 PM PDT

According to NBC News, a Pennsylvania school has armed their teachers with small baseball bats as a "last resort" against a school shooter. These bats are about 16 inches and were handed out to over 500 teachers as part of a training regiment of what to do in the situation that an active shooter comes to their school. It sounds a bit ridiculous but hey, whatever it takes to keep our children safe, am I right?

"People who do these things aren't planning on getting away alive. It's not like they have a fear of being hurt,” said Jo Ellen Barish, president of a Parent Teacher Association in Pennsylvania.

Also repoted by NBC News, the cost to arm these teachers with small bats was about $1,800. This idea was thought of to be a waste of money, according to the Parent Teacher Associations.

Ever since President Trump has sparked the controversy of arming our teachers with guns, many school districts have struggled with what would be the best decision in order to preserve our children's safety. Many reforms such as clear backpacks for students or even buckets of river rocks for teachers have been options for student safety.