New Jersey High School accused of keeping sexual abuse cases under wraps

By Kevin Del Rosario

Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2016 at 4:54 PM PDT

A New Jersey Catholic high school is being accused of keeping sexual abuse cases under wraps. A former student at Bergen Catholic High School is suing the school and claiming that they not only had knowledge of this sexual abuse but they made efforts to cover it up.

Bergen High School is known for its nationally known wrestling program. However, the coaches of this program are allegedly being accused of verbal and sexual abuse of its participants, including a former high school student who is currently suing them. As reported by, the sexual abuse allegations include the sharing of child pornography, forcing athletes to strip naked, and sexually abusive text messages sent to the athletes in the program.

According to CBS News, the lawsuit claims that the school, church officials and even the Archdiocese of a Newark knew about the sexual abuse and attempted to shield the coaches from any allegations or charges. The president of the school, Brother Brian Walsh, said that the allegations are "unfounded, frivolous and untrue.” These allegations have sparked quite the controversy, however cases like these are not new to the school. Other men who were former athletes in the program reported sexual abuse cases even before this incident.

Also stated by CBS News, sexual abuse allegations regarding the school surfaced as early as 15 years ago, and continues to be an issue. In 2016, Bergen High School reached a $1.9 million settlement with more than 20 victims, all former students of the school.