Movie Review: The Mummy

By Madeleine Sabin

Posted on October 19 2017 at 11:21 AM PDT

Photo via  YouTube    

Photo via YouTube


On June 9th of this year, the newest installation of “The Mummy” hit theatres. Directed by Alex Kurtzman and starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe, among others, this movie disappointed many of the critics and gained a miserable Rotten Tomatoes score of 16%. Among some of the critics reviews, here are some that stood out to me:

A.O. Scott of The NYTimes wrote: “ ‘The Mummy’ is the first of a slew — a swarm? a pestilence? — of features reviving those old creatures, including the one from the Black Lagoon.”

And one not so bad from Roger Ebert:

“So yes, should one choose to take offense, one certainly may. But I have to be honest—speaking of venality, I found something almost admirable about the film’s cheek. It’s amazingly relentless in its naked borrowing from other, better horror and sci-fi movies that I was able to keep occupied making a checklist of the movies referenced.”

David Edelstien from Vulture perhaps wrote the best/worst review:

“The Mummy is not your usual lousy movie. It has been made with skill and hits its marks. But those marks are so low and so brazenly mercenary that it doesn’t feel like much of an achievement.”

I decided to check out the film for myself on Itunes for $5.99, and I was pleasantly surprised. *Warning* this will contain spoilers. Yes, it is no Academy Award winner, but it did the trick to entertain me while I was folding laundry. The plot is fairly clear: Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), a spunky adventuring archaeologist, and Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), share a love/hate relationship. Long story short, they fall into a dark cave, uncover this crazy evil princess who sort of “imprints” on Cruise’s character and the journey begins. Apart from Cruise, none of the acting really impressed me. That being said, the visuals and special effects are pretty bad-ass. Maybe I liked this because I tend to love dark sci-fi monster type movies, but, yes, I’d watch it again. All in all, I would get this film Three Penguins out of Five on the Chilly Scale!