Trump Being Trump

By Brandon Cadiz

Can anyone stop Trump from dropping the bomb? Simply put: NO! For the first since 1976, Republican Senator Bob Corker and Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is holding a hearing about the president’s authority to unilaterally drop a nuclear bomb without consent from other congress members.

Corker has been highly critical of President Trump. From an article on USA Today Corker said, “To be clear, I would not support changes that could reduce our deterrence of adversaries or reassurance of allies.”

Corker went on to say that the hearing is not intended to be specific to anyone but the hearing is so congress could explore, “the realities of the system”, he said.

Trump’s aggressive approach and trading insults with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un has worried members of Congress.  Earlier in August of this year, President Trump made comments that he would unleash, “fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before.”

Photo Courtesy: Financial Review