Cannon Ball Chairman Wants Protesters Gone

By Jack Davis

Posted on November 4, 2016 at 11:25am PDT

      The Standing Rock tribe is located in North and South Dakota. The people of this tribe are known as Lakota Sioux. Standing Rock has come under fire by the government wanting to build the Dakota Access Pipeline through the reservation that would move 470,000 barrels of domestic crude oil through four states.

      Cannon Ball, a town near the site of the protests in Standing Rock of this pipeline, has a population of about 840 people and is led by Chairman Robert Fool Bear Sr. He says that protesters have come from states and countries all over the world such as Japan, Germany, Australia, Russia, Israel and Serbia. These are the people that are out on the front lines of this protest.

      Where are the Standing Rock Sioux? A majority of them are not out on the front lines protesting. This is not a unified protest.

      Chairman Fool Bear Sr. says that these protests have been nothing but an inconvenience. There are police checkpoints all over and now people have to make drives as far as 40 miles out of the way. He wants his voice and people like him to be heard. Two years ago when there was a vote for this pipeline there was hardly any attention. Now that the pipeline is being built years later, there are protesters everywhere causing a nuisance to Cannon Ball and others. Chairman Fool Bear Sr. wishes the Sioux would speak up about this madness “If he had any balls, he’d tell [the protesters] to go home,” calling on the Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault II to stand up for themselves.

      He does support the overall goal, but he and many others have accepted the fact that the pipeline is being put in. They will have to make adjustments to their lives, but it can be done. There will have to be a trust that this pipeline is economically safe and that it will bring the revenue and jobs it says it will.

Photo Source: CNN