Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Spring Showcase

By Line Nilsson

The Alonzo King LINES Ballet BFA Program at Dominican University performed the annual Spring Show at the Scholarly and Creative Conference and featured creations by Gregory Dawson, Molly Rogers, Amy Seiwert and Julia Stiefel, and encore performances of two senior project works.

 Julia Stiefel began the show with “Below the Surface.” The second performance of the evening “Bodies and Shores,” reminded me of bullying at school. The performance started with a dancer giving impressions of different kind of emotions. She grasped the feeling and atmosphere of a playground, with the playfulness, feelings and disclosure from a group. It was only girls on stage and I think that was the intention: to show the struggles of being a girl and the struggle of trying to fit in. It was inventive way to bring this matter into dance.

 But there was one piece that distinguished itself, Amy Seiwert’s “No more a sign.” Unlike other pieces that were more contemporary(modern) dance, this piece was classical both in a dance sense and the music choice: it was from “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.” The dance had a warmer feeling than most of the others, which tended to be dark with less light. In this piece a bright yellow light covered the entire stage which got me thinking of spring.

 Overall all the performances were good, and I enjoyed that they were different varied. “On the distance between stars” was a senior project encore performance, which I remembered from the last recital. The performance is special and has several different musical choices in the piece. I especially liked the powerful “Dead can dance.”